It is now the 8th of October and a busy month of filming, touring and meeting new people has already gone by.

It has been a somewhat different experience for me as I have been moving out to centre stage to sing solo.

I have to admit it still feels odd to sing out front, without my guitar but really nice and on the other hand, often easier to express the true meaning of each song.

I have been enjoying every minute of the spotlight as the Celtic Thunder fans have been so supportive towards me and have given me more confidence to deliver what they deserve and have come to see.

I have got to know a lot of the C.T. fans and they give me a real comfort on stage when I walk out and see them or hear them first.

I really did not know how the C.T. fans would take to my own music and I have been quite overwhelmed to have received the feedback and positivity from all who have listened so far.

Neil Guitar Outdoors

Neil Guitar Outdoors

I really miss my family back at home and think about what they are doing everyday.

I am looking forward to returning home on my sisters birthday, to bring her out and spoil her a little!!! For now, I will stay focused, continue working hard and give the best I can to my home from home.

As the man said, “God loves a trier”…

Hope to see you soon,