Hey everyone, hope you are all doing great.

Not quite sure where to start this time…. It has been quite an
exciting and somewhat surprising past couple of months…. even though days have been long there never seems to be enough time for everything and everyone. I have been working so hard on new tracks for my album. I’m trying to make time for other projects too, such as writing for other artists and performing live with various acts and some session work along the way. When I am home from tour or from doing promos for CT, I always look forward to spending time with my family and friends. I always seem to have deadlines to meet and my social time suffers, I am certainly not complaining, with the present economical climate at such a low I count myself lucky to be so busy.

Preparation seemed to going quite smoothly for our 2011 Fall Tour with CT until another bomb-shell was dropped. I received the call to tell me that Ryan had decided to go his own way. I have to say i really didn’t see that one coming. Just as is Paul, Ryan is such a big part of CT in character and spirit. Off stage, I always enjoy having a chat and a good laugh with Ryan, I will miss that too. With a talent like Ryan’s, he can only do great things and I wish him all the best.

When Sharon asked me to come forward as one of the 5 singers, it was not a straight forward decision. For one, I was trying to get my head around Ryan’s exit and two, I have been very comfortable with my role in the show as guitarist and singer which is what I am and what I always have been. I guess I was concerned about losing my identity. Having said that… to be asked to front and sell the show as a
principal is a very positive thing and I am very proud to be flying the flag with the guys a little more than before.

I have been reading loads of the comments on the various websites and would like to thank all of you guys for your amazing encouragement and kind words. I hope you realize how much your positivity helps us all to perform and to be stronger in what we do.

I am really looking forward to sharing my new album with you all. Its coming down to details and which songs will make the cut. Time is of the essence but I will get there and when I do you will be the first to know.

For now, I had better get back to work and will be counting the days till I am packing the cases, tuning the guitars and heading to America and Canada for the first performances of Fall Tour 2011, meeting you guys and seeing your smiling faces once again.

Take good care.