Hi All,

It feels like the Fall Tour was only a couple of months ago when really the Fall Tour, Tranquility Cruise, Australian Tour, promo tour and Acoustic by Candlelight Tour have all been and gone since.

I have to say this year so far had been one of my happiest times. To be on the road spending so much time with my CT buddies, some people might think that it would take it’s toll regarding living in each other’s pockets… when in fact we are very close and have great craic.

When the news came through about Ryan’s accident we where all completely thrown and devastated to here our buddy had been hurt and all we wanted to hear that he was going to be fine. It has been a very hard time for everybody and thank God all our prayers are being answered, Ryan is doing well and on the road to recovery. Respecting the wishes of Ryan’s family was the most important thing to do and privacy was a must as it is a family time. Everybody deals with these things in different ways. I felt that I could not post up my everyday endevours online as all that was on my mind has been Ryan’s form. Alot of you guys have been asking me why I have not been online in a while. I felt I owed you an explanation. You have all been amazing with your support and prayers. I have read as many of your messages as I can, thank you so much for supporting me and all the guys it really means the world to us and never goes unnoticed that you are always there for us. It’s truely evident that CT has the most loyal and caring fans. I apologise for not getting back to you… but under the circumstances I hope you understand. The main thing is that Ryan is recovering, our prayers are needed for a full recovery. Can’t wait to have him back on stage.

At the end of the week we head to Dublin airport to fly to Atlantic City for ten CT shows, it’s going to make a change being resident for two weeks!

Hope to see some of you there, if not we always have the upcoming Fall Tour, that won’t be long coming around either.

I need to start packing now, I think it’s shorts and t-shirts all the way.

Nice change from the rain in Dublin.

Well guys, I hope you are all doing amazingly well and enjoying the summer, we are on our way to share some of it with you :)

Ciao for now,

Neil :)