A year after the release of “Pale blue Jak – Faces” I look back on what has been the most manic year of my life.. no time to sit still.

As I have said before.. I feel a song is only born when it has been recorded and the same goes for an album. There is nothing like having that tangible first print of what will be there forever and be proud of it.

The thousands of comments, letters and cards expressing love for “Faces” has been the success in what I set out to achieve and gives me the fuel to carry on doing what I want to do most. It`s hard to put into words the feeling of gratitude, I have been in awe of what “Faces” has done for some people, what it has added to their lives “In your own words”.

I guess that is what is special about it, that is what matters.

Writing PBJ songs on the road and anywhere I have time is what I will be doing and you will be happy to hear there are a lot of new concepts in the bag… I have whole hearted intentions to bring out PBJ 2 and it`s only because of the support I have had over the last year. Like any singer/songwriter I want to deliver something that will be close to your hearts.

Some of you have been wondering what all of those funny animals on the Pale blue Jak facebook page mean… Well for the past number of months I have been working with a very talented animator to create a colourful visual representation of Mr Ace. The animated music video will be ready soon, with just the finishing touches to be applied. I am so excited to share this video with you and hope you will enjoy it and help to spread it all around the world.

December will bring the end of this Celtic Thunder Fall tour and the start of a new “Acoustic by Candlelight” tour with my CT bro Ryan! We cannot wait to take it to new places and meet all of you as we go. Rehearsals have restarted recently and we are buzzing about it already. Hope you can join us.

Bye for now.


Neil xxxx