Hi Everyone,

Returning home for the holidays and avoiding the demon jet lag was the main objective this time as I was pretty much landing on home soil the foot of Christmas Eve. Following a 78 show tour just two days before Christmas, I was not expecting the 15hr flight delay!!! Partner in crime RK and I were a sight for sore eyes in Washington airport, two lost souls some might say! This said, my heart goes out to anyone that gets stuck in any airport during holiday time. We were extremely lucky that the weather allowed us to make it home!

The last thing I wanted was to doze off on mother Byrnes amazing Christmas day dinner she had prepared for me. One of the most important learning curves my job has taught me about is simply, prospective. The importance of spending time with my family, especially when it is so limited these days is vital for me. Surrounded by family on Christmas day I find myself asking a million questions. Mam & Dad, Paul, Grace, Gill and I gleaming to sit around the table together again. Not forgetting the apple of my eye, Sophie! What a girl! So hilarious :) She has become the family comedian!! I always see a difference in her each time I return home, getting taller, becoming smarter and so much wiser, more than I give her credit for sometimes. She knows every word to every track on the “Faces” album, her favorite being, “Let ‘em in”.

Everything in moderation. Catching up with friends has become more like a round of golf or a game of pool, rather than always meeting in the pub. However, last night there was a gathering in a well known Dublin bar with the CT gang. Ryan, Colm, Emmet and I were there along with David, Nicole, John, Belinda, Ger and Sharon and many more. It was 5.30am when I got home! Yes, we had more fun!

Thinking back on the last four months on the road having met thousands of CT fans, many familiar faces and so many new ones too throughout the US and Canada has yet again given us memories that stay with us forever. The atmosphere at the CT shows were electric this tour. Thank you for that.

Needless to say, only home a week left me with itchy fingers to create new music. So I cranked up the studio and recorded some new demos with no time constraints! I plan to continue working on more material later in the year. Now the Australian tour is literally a sip of tea away. Well rested? I guess… But definitely raring to go :)

New Year’s Resolution… I will use my treadmill for something other than resting my guitar case on it :)