Neil Byrne Celtic Thunder Mythology

Neil Byrne Celtic Thunder Mythology

Celtic Thunder’s Neil Byrne will be doing a live video chat on JULY 31, 2013 @ 6:00 PM (ET). Be sure to click to find out what time the LIVE Chat is in your area!

Neil and the other guys are anxious to perform Celtic Thunder’s NEW ‘MYTHOLOGY’ Show for you on the 2013 North American tour. Get your tickets now, with excellent seating still available Neil will also be performing an Acoustic Show with Ryan Kelly ‘Acoustic by Candlelight’ on the Celtic Thunder Cruise, on Nov 2 – 7, 2013, and you will get to chat with him LIVE for a Q & A, and maybe listen to a tune or two.

Fans have the option of viewing/interacting either directly on Facebook or the Ustream Website. If viewing on the Celtic Thunder’s Facebook Page, click the ‘CELTIC THUNDER LIVE’ icon just below the Cover Photo, to view and to participate in the live chat. If you would like to participate from the Ustream website, just go to and click on the ‘SOCIAL STREAM’ Tab to the right after the video chat starts.

If you have an Apple Mobile Device or Tablet, you can download the Mobile APP @

If you have an Android Mobile Device or Tablet, you can download the Mobile APP @

During each video chat session until Nov 2013, fans will have the opportunity to register for a Private Party with the Celtic Thunder Principals, after their Acoustic Show on the Celtic Thunder Cruise. The submissions page will be open from 6:00 PM (ET) to 7:00 PM (ET) the day of each video chat.

After the video chat, the entry page will be close for submissions. This is to ensure that all the guys have adequate time to receive all weekly submissions and choose FIVE new friends to accompany them for their Private Party after their Acoustic Show on the Cruise. If you were not chosen, there will be plenty of changes each week to win, so keep watching the weekly video chats, and submitting your entry each week! Due to the limited number of Private Party Passes, only ONE WINNER TOTAL can be chosen for the Private Party Passes, to make it fair for everyone. Private Party Passes are valid ONLY for the original winner, and may not be exchanged with other Celtic Thunder Cruise passengers.

If you’re around for it we would love to see you attend, and if any of your friends are around, please invite them along to join in on the fun!