Hi All,

Sixteen shows into the 2013 Mythology tour concludes our Canadian leg and has been a wonderful start to our new project. Recording Mythology over a year ago now was one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable projects I’ve ever been a part of. Taking Mythology on the road and performing it to hundreds of thousands of people was the real test… From the first show in Abbotsford Canada I was on a complete high as a standing ovation at the end of the show filled the arena. It brought mixed emotions of pride, satisfaction, relief and being very happy to have got through the first show remembering all of the details!

We have now finished the Canadian leg of our tour and have just started our US leg being very excited to share our new music with all our Celtic Thunder fans, new and old. It has been quite a whirlwind year so far, spending so much time back at base in Ireland was really nice to be with family and friends so often but it proved to be one of the busiest years I have had… It was time to start a new project, one that myself and my friend and partner in crime Mr. Ryan Kelly had been talking about for quite some time… The “Acoustic by Candlelight” album. Whilst touring in Australia, US and Canada 2012 we had been asked if there would be an “ABC” album on the way. With the support of the fans and the CT down time it felt like the ideal moment to start making the album a work in progress… And so it began, what we wanted to achieve was to record our favorite Irish songs in “ABC” acoustic fashion, with a mix of Irish classics such as “On Raglan Road” and “The Fields of Athenry” and modern contemporary classics such as “Don’t Go” and “Beautiful Affair”. Giving all eleven tracks a new sound-scape and injecting some youth into the productions… I mean myself and Ryan is not over the hill just yet ay!!!

Almost every day and night of the summer was spent arranging and recording the tracks… Some of which did not make it to the album but it’s always good to have choices. After the bed tracks and guide vocals where down it was time to get our amazingly talented friends in. First of all, I made my way to Galway and spent a few days with Declan O’Donoghue our CT drummer and close friend… Declan brought his ‘A’ game to the table as always… So between us we came up with the percussion patterns needed for each track and Deco nailed it as usual! The next color to be added was the most important lead instrument “violin” and who else to give us the sound that was to be a mix of traditional fiddle and classically trained violin playing… The only one to fit the bill was CT’s Nicole Hudson. She is the most talented violinist I know, not only having a naturally beautiful tone and feel, she has a fantastic ear for melody, so to record Nicole is a joy in hearing back the magic she provides. You will also be familiar with Barry Kerr who plays tin whistle on there as well. Seamus Brett played piano on two of the tracks and I played the rest of the piano tracks myself – in addition to bass, mandolin and guitars. Final mixes where engineered in the studio Van Morrison used to own… “Windmill Lane Studios” in Dublin. Spending some late nights there was a must to get it polished off before tour. Knowing that I was mixing in an old haunted Dublin studio kept my eyes open in the early hours… I fill you in on that another day Wink We are just one day away from tangible release… I am so excited to have it in my own hands and for you to have yours more importantly!

I hope we have answered your call and you have many hours of listening enjoyment.

Much love for now… Catch you later.


You can find out more about the album here as well as purchase links: