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Merry Christmas

Hi guys,
The 2nd of December we wrapped up what was the best musical experience of my career so far.. 64 shows of “Mythology” and thank you all for such amazing support as always.
One door shut, another one opened as myself and Ryan Kelly had the first show of our Acoustic by Candlelight tour in Seattle.
After the success of a debut Billboard Number 1 album “Acoustically Irish”, the tour was a very exciting prospect.. Having the opportunity to play all our new song arrangements live. Seven shows and all sell outs had shown that the support for ABC was amazing and a wonderful warm intimate atmosphere at the gigs. People flew and drove from all corners of the US and Canada to be with us in all weathers. At 12 degrees under in Kansas city and St Louis it surely set me up for my return to the Emerald Isle but to my surprise when I landed in Dublin, it was very mild and dry.. Strange for this time of year but very welcome!
Arriving in Dublin on the 10th of December meant I was a day in early for my sister Gill’s birthday. She had been attending college the day of her birthday and wasn’t finishing till late that night so I decided to drive into the city and surprise her and embarrass her a little as she came out of her classroom with people she hardly knows as I threw party poppers, balloons and a 5ft long Happy Birthday banner. Poor Gill’s face was the same Colour as the red balloons when she seen me at her classroom door! We got a good laugh out of that one.
My usual routine after my transatlantic flight is to stay awake for the day to avoid as much jet lag as possible.. By calling to the family home to see mam, dad my sister and brother his wife and the apple of my eye, my god child Sophie.
I lasted about two hours as I was reeling through all the tour stories fighting to keep my eyes open, I lost the fight and fell asleep for a couple of hours.
The jet lag has decided to stay with me for a couple of weeks.. Why is it that when I fly anywhere in the world to start a tour the jet lag lasts a couple of days but on the way back it’s more like two weeks.. Strange ay!!
It’s a couple of days before Christmas now and it was a bad idea to go shopping in Dublin today as it was like the population all moved to the city at the same time.. Stressful.
I am really looking forward to Christmas Day at mam and dads, as usual I will probably over indulge on the food.. Well maybe that’s allowed especially when it’s mams cooking.
Allot of people might say that the last thing I need are more gigs right now after over 70 shows in total this fall but the truth is, I enjoyed the fall tour so much that I am looking forward to heading back out for the second leg of the ABC tour starting on the 17th of January 2014. We have our tour itinerary ready to hit the road and I’m really looking forward to seeing anyone that can make it.
Here is a link to the tour details if you would like to have a peek and hopefully join us..
Really looking forward to getting back to Australia in ’14, we had an amazing tour there last February.. Anxious to make up for the places we missed because of the floods. We will also be extending the tour to New Zealand this time. We have had amazing support from Down Under throughout the year. Thank you all for that and we will see you real soon.
Well guys, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and here is to a very happy and prosperous New Year to you all.
Thank you for your friendship and support throughout 2013 and I’m looking forward to catching up real soon.

Neil :)