Hi All,

April showers is right… it’s lashing rain, another good day to work on some up and coming “Pale blue Jak” compositions… now is the time because come May 6th myself and Ryan will make our way to Dublin airport to fly to the Big Apple to start another of our acoustic tours. It has been an exciting time putting together our own travel plans, venues, hotels etc even though a bit stressful sometimes. Everybody has been so helpful posting up and emailing venue recommendations, thank you so much for that, it has helped no end…

The only problem myself and Ryan have been left with is that we cannot get to every place that has been suggested. We will be starting our venture and finishing on the East Coast of America due to some promotional interviews. We have made provisional plans to tour the West and South US and also Canada between CT tours, plus we would really like to take in some parts of Europe and even Australia if possible. We really want to give everyone a chance to get to a gig.

Last night I sat up late reading letters and cards sent from all over the world to my PO Box. I can’t begin to tell you all how appreciative I am of your support… because of the large volume of mail it is pretty impossible to write back with the time given but just to let you know that I do read everything and I know the rest of the guys do too.

Mr John will be uploading more post box videos as we go.

Well guys, it has stopped raining, the sun has come out, I think I’ll get a stroll in the park before getting back to the recording, I can always hear things much clearer on my return, but sure isn’t that the same for everything :)

Take care,