So guys, I thought I would drop in and give you a little bedtime read of “life on the road” for this 2015 US tour.

I must say thinking back on driving across the Navada desert after picking up our mobile home tour bus and stopping off in Vegas seems like just a fortnight ago! I’ll never forget the blistering heat the day we stopped to enjoy the marvel “Hoover Dam”, it was as though somebody was holding a blow tourch over my head!!..however, I did manage to swap my pale Irish complection for a very temporary sun blushed, red!.. Lol

We settled into our new moving home in no time. Our motor home had many nicknames, “the beast” was popular. Honestly, I slept so good in my slim cozy bunk, the best in months really. Cabin entertainment consisted of the first series of “24”. It was virtually inhaled by Peter and I during which the tea-kettle was in hot pursuit meeting our Barrys needs. Kiefer Suderland was a class act!

I was more excited about this tour than any other as we were about to debut our new original compositions. Its a big deal for any song writer – exposing your songs, your honesty and passion! When it came to performing these songs live it was so exciting with some nervous anxiety rolled into one. I am more than happy to say that the American people have given me greater confidence in what I do. It’s so possitive to hear and read peoples stories and tweets of how our music has impacted in their lives. The thing is, it’s a two way street. I have been in bands my whole life which has been great, but now I’m travelling the world doing so too. Im a lucky man and it has changed my life. To anyone reading this, seriously, thank you for listening!

Starting on the west coast this time was nice to revisit some of the venues we wanted but couldn’t get to in recent years. Kansas Ciry Irish Festival was a great buzz! Being the 2nd consecutive year I really hope there are many more to come. It is run so well and the people running the festival are literally angels!! It was such a pleassure to be there. Soon we were on our way to the big cities of the east coast which for Byrne and Kelly just gets better everytime. People showed up to the B&K shows in bigger numbers than ever before which is playing a substanial role in the enjoyment aspect of this tour. After 22 B&K shows played we had a five day break in NYC, my good friend Emmett O’Hanlon kindly put us up too. You know, he was so hospitable, he wined and dined us, he really knows how to look after pals – what a generous guy!! He gave us our home from home. Also, my sister Gill flew in from Co. Wicklow joining the team for a week which made it super fun too! Broadway shows, Starbucks stops and bike rides was our style this NY trip. For some reason every time I revistit NYC it always feels like its my first time there. The novalty never wears thin.

At the end of our five day break it was back to business in no other than “Rory Dolans” and honestly I was ready to work again and needless to say our NY crowd sent us on a merry way!

Another pit stop on this tour was the scheduled 2 x Celtic Thunder shows, which I was a gear change to say the least from our Byrne and Kelly routine but as aslways we all had great fun. I played lots of guitar all through the show. I was very busy but that’s the way I like it! We played to huge audiences 5,000 and the craic was running high with all the guys, it was great to see everyone in high spirits.

B&k were left with two shows to play before embarking to Australia.
Wilmington Irish festival was an exciting prospect as we were asked to headline then taking us to show 27, the finale in Minneapollis for Byrne and Kelly USA 2015. I always feel that the last show on a tour brings mixed emotions. For me there is a sense of satisfaction in feeling people gained an experience that they still want to talk and share with friends while at the same time the realisation that it’s now past, a history – but the beauty of been able to reminisce about these great days captured in our memories.

Till the next time.