Back in Dublin’s fair city.

Neil Byrne - Wool Hat

Neil Byrne - Wool Hat

I cannot believe how fast the first leg of the 2011 Heritage Tour has gone. I have to say it has been such a great time had by all. The biggest crowds we have ever had and amazing atmospheres in the packed out venues.
I am sitting here in my house in silence reflecting on our last show in Denver singing “Ireland’s Call” along with George, Ryan, Keith, Emmet, Daniel and four thousand screaming CT fans, smiles on everybody’s faces as we all stand together and celebrate not only a fantastic show but a super tour.
It always seems to take me a week at least to adapt to home, sometimes waking in the morning thinking I am on the tour bus or a hotel room. It really has become a way of life and a life I feel blessed to lead.
I have been overwhelmed by the response to my new venture “Pale blue Jak”!
The support has been amazing and I am so grateful to all of the Pale blue Jak followers.
In fact with the launch of PBJ going so well the first thing I did on my return to Ireland was to get straight back into writing more compositions and ideas.
Coming back home to Ireland is always great, as I do miss spending time with my family.
For the first time in five years I will be home for my birthday, so a night out has been arranged with all my folks, bit of a novelty, it makes up for the age difference!!
I have to say I miss the CT family even though we spent the last few months living together, but you know how amazing they all are…I think that’s what makes light work of a tough itinerary.
One of the highlights for me when I come home is driving my car through the Dublin/Wicklow mountains… no traffic, no sound, no music just me and my thoughts, usually reflecting on the shows, the road, the crowds, the laughs, the hurdles and wondering where the last few months had gone. The contrast can be quite surreal, touring life and home life… how lucky am I to have both, something I love so dearly.

I will be back on the road in a matter of days to continue what I love to do the most and hope to see those wonderful smiling faces enjoying the CT spirit.

Nothing lasts forever but I hope it will be many moons away till I can only call it

“A Life I Once Had”